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Brian Antczak


First Daily Poll

Is Michael Jordan the Greatest Basketball Player of All-time?

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Second Daily Poll

Is LeBron James more valuable than Kevin Durant?

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    NOTE: You may vote at anytime in the ALL TIME sections.

    Voting in the CURRENT INDIVIDUALS sections 9/10/12-9/30/12; CURRENT TEAMS is 4/1/12-9/30/12; CURRENT GAMES/SERIES is 11/1/12-11/05/12.

    Voting in the NEW section is WEEKLY (Top 10 Teams and Player of the Week) 4/9/12-10/31/12 (Mon-Wed for the previous week); and MONTHLY (Player of the Month) 5/1/12-11/5/12 (1st-5th of each month for the previous month).

    Voting in the FANTASY LEAGUE section 11/1/12-3/31/13.

    For RIVALRY questions list the answers in ALPHABETICAL order.

    When listing team names list the FULL name of the team (Example: New York Yankees; NOT Yankees).

    DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, MLB made the unfair decision to exclude Afro-American players the first half of the 20th Century. We know of no way to make up for this injustice since those great players will inevitably be short-changed in any baseball poll since most fans are not familiar with the Negro Leagues. The best we can do at UltimateSportsRankings.com is to make the Negro League Players eligible for the rankings in our MLB polls since the leagues appeared to be comparable in talent, especially among the top players. We encourage anyone not already familiar with the Negro Leagues to do research on the internet (try blackbaseball.com; negroleaguebaseball.com) before casting their votes. Thank you in advance for the extra effort.

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