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Brian Antczak


First Daily Poll

Is Michael Jordan the Greatest Basketball Player of All-time?

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Second Daily Poll

Is LeBron James more valuable than Kevin Durant?

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    NOTE: You may vote at anytime in the ALL TIME sections.

    Voting in the CURRENT INDIVIDUALS section is 4/1/12-04/15/12; CURRENT TEAMS is 10/01/11-4/15/12; CURRENT GAMES/SERIES is 6/15/12-6/30/12.

    Voting in the NEW section is WEEKLY (Top 10 Teams and Player of the Week) 10/10/12-6/6/12 (Mon-Wed for the previous week) and MONTHLY (Player of the Month) 11/1/11-6/5/12 (1st-5th of each month for the previous month).

    For RIVALRY questions list the answers in ALPHABETICAL order.

    When listing team names list the FULL name of the team (Example: Boston Bruins; NOT Bruins).

    When listing SEASONS list the SECOND (2ND) year only (Example: 1978 Montreal Canadiens; NOT 1977-1978 Montreal Canadiens).

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