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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2022 3:05 pm    Post subject: Best Playoffs
I have to disagree with the idea in today's daily forum that the NBA playoffs are the greatest in sports. They aren't even the best this time of year. That honor goes to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, there is the history. How many people even know the name of the NBA Championship trophy?

Second, there is the nature of the contest. How many times have you heard that in basketball you only need to watch the last 5 minutes of the game? That is something you never hear about hockey. In hockey, the game winning goal can come in the first minute, the last, or anytime in between. In basketball, if you miss a basket, you might miss an exciting play, but if it's any time before the last minute, you know there will be more baskets. In hockey you don't know that.

Third, there is the end of regulation. In basketball, teams are able to stop the clock and add time by fouling. They get to call several time outs per game. In hockey, it's not so easy to stop the clock. If you put the puck out of play from your defensive zone, it's a penalty. If you ice the puck, the other team can change personnel but you can't. Even if the goalie freezes the puck, you still have a defensive zone face off. And you only get one time out per game. Use it wisely.

Last, and most importantly, is overtime. There is nothing in sports quite like it. It is sudden death, but you don't know if it will last 10 seconds or an extra 6 periods. (Yes, the longest game ever came 3:30 short of being three games back to back to back.) And in playoff hockey, they play full overtime periods until someone scores, not 5 minute mini periods. Where else but overtime hockey do the networks go an entire period without a commercial break?

You can take your NBA playoff games, but I'll be watching the chase for the Stanley Cup
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