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Daily Commentary for 2022-05-21

Star Power By Sally Solomon

To watch a sporting event, even one that leads to a championsip, the average fan, with no monetary interest in the outcome of the contest and no local favorite to root for, needs incentive. In hockey, the networks have struck gold -- two of the league's best will compete for the Stanley cup. The Redwings have a glorious history and Pittsburgh has Crosby. Of the four potential matchups in basketball, there is little doubt which is most dreaded. Detroit, Spurs would be catastrophic. Even LeBron couldn’t prevent last year’s Cleveland, San Antonio matchup from having the worst ratings ever recorded for an NBA final. From the start of the playoffs, sponsors have salivated at the prospect of resurrecting the glory days of Magic and Bird. A Lakers, Boston pairing is now likely, carrying the added appeal of bigger-than-life Kobe Bryant to attract the casual fan.

Wondering how anonymous a successful pro franchise could be, I rattled off the names of some of the Hornets to a friend, leaving out the likes of Paul, Stojakovic and West, to see if he knew the team. He did. Given 10-20 players from each roster, minus a few marquee names, I was curious to see how many other teams he could identify. Warning for anyone who has a go at this without cheating: you will have trouble with one of them.

A. Baek, Batista, Bloomquist, Burke, Cairo, Clement, Green, Lopez, Lowe, Putz, Reed, Rhodes, Rowland-Smith

B. Black , Brown(3), Gray, Green, White, Boyd, Hamilton, Harrison, Leach, Long, Maddox, Richardson, Robinson, Taylor, Thompson, Walter, Williams

C. Adams(2), Barker, Eager, Kane, Keith, Khabibulin, Ladd, Lang, Seabrook, Sharp, Sopel, Williams, Wisniewski,

D. Adams, Buchanon, Carter, Johnson(2), Wilson, Bryant, Davis(2), Douglas, Haye, Hamilton Jackson(2), Penn, Warren

E. Crockett, Derevianik, Farris, Mazzante, Miller (2), Oga, Pondexter, Pringle, Quigley, Snell, Taurasi, Taylor, Willingham

F. Barton, Blanton, Bowen, Crosby, Cust, Ellis, Embree, Eveland, Foulke, Gaudin, Street, Suzuki, Sweeney(2), Thomas

G. Bibla , Brackins, Broussard, D'Orazio, Dunn, Gause, Graziani, Hughes, Mabry, Nyenhuis, Ours , Peaua, Save, Watts, Webb

H. Birk, Burnum, Friedman, Hall, Harre, McDonald, Peel, Pruis, Sims, Smith, Spencer(2), Wilkerson, Wolfer

I. Bass, Donovan, Commodore, Emery, Fisher, Gerber, Heatley, Kelly, Lee, Neil, Phillips, Redden, Richardson, Schubert, Stillman, Winchester

J. Ahearn, Anthony, Banks, Barron, Blount, Cook, Davis, Haslem, Johnson, Lasme, Powell, Quinn, Williams, Wright.

PREDICTION: Chelsea will defeat Manchester United to win the Champions League Final.


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