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Daily Commentary for 2022-05-23

Baseball in DC a Disaster by Steven Lienert

Major League Baseball searched high and low for a city that could accommodate the Montreal Expos after the team left Quebec in 2004. In 2008, with a brand spanking new ballpark sitting on the Anacostia River, it's official: MLB made a terrible choice.

Nationals Ballpark seats 45,000, but the only sellout the team has had was on Opening Day. From a television standpoint, when the cameras pan the stands after a foul ball, the stadium is emptier than the cookie jar at Cookie Monsterís house. It seems like someone could get in the car, drive to the stadium, buy tickets and go get the foul ball they just watched on TV. Attendance has averaged below the 30,000 mark so far, and itís only going to get worse. Washington doesnít deserve its baseball team Ė never has, never will.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: When the Flyers were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs last Sunday, it marked the 100th season of Philadelphia sports without a championship. Itís not right that Philly sports fans can Ďbragí about seeing two championships in their lifetime, but its worse when the person youíre talking to gets jealous because they havenít seen any.

PREDICTIONS: The Washington Nationals will be the Las Vegas Outlaws by 2012.


  • I agree with the thought that baseball in Washington is a bad idea. 2 teams already left the area, why did anyone think it would work this time?
    Posted by andymuenz

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