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Daily Featured Ranking Question for 2022-06-07

The 10 Greatest Boxers of All Time by Mark D. Hauser

(To give your answer and view the results to this ranking question, go to: Boxing: Men: All Time: Individuals).

1. Muhammad Ali; 2. Sugar Ray Robinson; 3. Sugar Ray Leonard; 4. Henry Armstrong; 5. Joe Louis; 6. Harry Greb; Willie Pep; 8. Roy Jones, Jr; 9. Roberto Duran; 10. George Foreman.

OK, this question is a tough one. There is probably another 25-50 boxers who you could make a good argument that they should make the top 10. Comparing boxers from different eras is hard enough, but comparing boxers from different eras and different weight classes is next to impossible.

Watching older fighters on tape is also difficult because of the quality of the film. I have never even seen Greb fight (no fights on youtube), but know of his impressive accomplishments: beating 5 middleweight world champions, 7 world light-heavyweight champions, and 1 heavyweight world champion -- Gene Tunney, which was Tunney's only only professional loss. Wow!

Between 1964-1967, Ali was a thing of beauty to watch, especially his last 5 fights from August 1966 to March 1967. It was obvious he was just starting to hit his prime, however, sadly we never saw the prime years from the greatest and most exciting boxer in history.

Sugar Ray Leonard is the next most exciting boxer to watch and also the best boxer in the last 30 years. Sugar Ray Robinson was both an very impressive and exciting boxer and was 128-1-2 during his peak years. Armstrong once held the World Championship Belts simultaneously in 3 different weight classes! Pep had the greatest peak won-loss record in history, 134-1-1.

Other than Ali, Roy Jones, Jr, might have been the best athlete I ever watched box and was completely dominant during his peak years. Duran was a great all-around and tough fighter, even beating Leonard when Sugar Ray was in his prime. Foreman was the hardest puncher in boxing history. Louis, as most boxing fans know, was the heavyweight world champion for 12 straight years and had 25 successful title defenses -- both records.

Good luck trying to figure out your top 10!


  • Tough to leave Rocky Marciano off of the list. Only champion to retire unbeaten at 49-0 with 43 KOs. The man was only even knocked to the canvas twice in his career. I think Foreman is the one that doesn't belong here.
    Posted by Ttobis

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